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*Don't forget to BRING YOUR SHEET MUSIC BOOKS and a COPY for me! 



One time lessons are 80. USD/ Hour. These must be PAID online via SQUARE payments BEFORE they are added to the schedule. I do not schedule sessions with new students with a cash at lesson understanding. 


Regular weekly students are offered the opportunity to pay for their 4 sessions each month at a major discount of 50. dollars off of the monthly total, (225. / 3 sessions) as long as :


-Payment has been received PRIOR TO THE 1st OF EACH MONTH

-A regular time slot has been allotted each week.

-All 3 lessons have been taken or made up during the month. (I cannot “roll over” hours and offer the discount.)


I offer payment methods through SQUARE Easy invoice through email. CASH or CHECK for upcoming month accepted at final session of current month only. Never at first session of month.


-BREATHE SPEAK SING works on TUITION BASED SLOTS. Once a spot is agreed upon, THAT is the time alotted for you and your session. You may trade sessions if possible, but staying within the confines of the set studio hours only. 


-Generally cancellations are for sickness only. ANY others are at the discretion of each teacher based on availability WITHIN their set schedule. As of April 1, 2019 I will not be  able to make up any DAY OF cancellations for any reason. 

-All cancellations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the next session (I do understand that sometimes we wake up sick same day and I will do my best to make up these sessions with you), and longer notice is preferred to fill the slot.

-TEXTS to BRYAN'S STUDENTS 919.815.0485, AMANDA'S STUDENTS: 910.616.0380, SAMANTHA'S STUDENTS: 919.800.1379 are the quickest, most efficient way to make sure I have a cancellation in a timely manner.


Please make sure you proactively work to reschedule your session if you are sick. With the in and outflow of students, and my long teaching days, we don't want to spread the wealth, so please do not come to the studio if you are sick.


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