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“Where many coaches would only do audition prep—or teach how to act the song, or coach vocal technique, Bryan teaches all of those areas simultaneously,” Scraff explains. “Since he is a composer, actor, musician, and singer, he is able to draw upon a virtually bottomless bag of tools and techniques to address the vocal and performance challenges of actors. . . . He is constantly working on a foundational level to build a voice from the ground up and truly change his students’ approach to singing. He also teaches about the biology of voice and throat, so the singer can better understand how their intstruments create sound.”- Brent Schraff, ENCORE MAGAZINE quote.

Bryan is fantastic ! He works his students hard, expects results ... and gets them. That’s exactly why we have him for a vocal coach . -COURTNEY ALIAH

I would highly recommend Bryan for anyone who is very serious about improving their voice. He cares just as much as you do about improving and he shows it by how involved, energetic, and enthusiastic he is during the lessons. If you're willing to put in the effort, Bryan will get you where you want to be.-Justin Heald

Bryan is a pro not only at the art of singing but also at listening to how his students are singing and training them how to hone their own skills. I have learned more about the voice, my own voice, and how to sing than I ever could have imagined when I signed up for lessons. His teaching and communication abilities are as incredible as his musical talents!

-Blakely Blackford

Nobody teaches voice the way that Bryan does. He completely shaped my voice for 8 years of my life. I'm so thankful for the lessons he has taught me. He also helped me get into Emerson college. I miss him in Boston all of the time. You're honestly missing out if you don't use Bryan as your vocal coach.- MADDIE FABRICANT

I have been working as a performer on stage and screen for almost 20 years in LA, the NY area and recently in NC and I have never experienced a teacher of equal quality to Bryan Putnam. His attention to detail and quality are unparalleled as he masterfully draws upon his years of experience as an actor, composer and singer to infuse everyone of his lessons with the perfect blend of both vocal technique and creative performance. -Brent Schraff

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